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One Day at тhe Castle Fantasia





Full pool. Czech naturisty families in the indoor pool.




Very good film from the Studio. Several families naturist vacations in the Sun, forest Glade. Rest is saturated with all kinds of mobile games. Some naturist, just their bodies by Nejat teplami Sun, kids sports with balls, playing catch-up. Actively moving at nature, you get Tan and strong energetic charge.




Just gorgeous film from the famous studio. Many families naturists – father, mother and their children went to a country house holiday for naturists, where they were a pleasant surprise – a huge pool. Fun enough for everyone – adults and kids …





Studio “Naturist Freedom” organized a big celebration at the camp for naturists – the competition among adult women in a club in the Czech Republic at Miss nudist nudism. Cheerful, bright holiday for naturists! Film quality is very good.





Bright and colorful film from the famous studio that promote family nudism and naturism. On the big green lawn, a few families naturists primetime amusement park for children, and parents. Quality of the film is excellent.






For is to choose the best among the Hawaiian girls, this is a good and a good competition among European women and girls naturistok. The film itself as a festival with music and dancing, fun games … And all the music with Hawaiian motifs. A striking example of promoting family naturism. Film attached to two huge bonus with a tour of the latest film from the famous studio. Quality of the film is excellent, all the parts are played.





Girls and naturist New Year’s Eve decided to make a game contest for the title of “Miss New Year“. The competition was a success, and though were award winners, but losers just was not there!





One of the new movies that promote family naturism from the famous studio. True DVD quality. Family Naturist rest on nature, and for rest was divided into a tent city. The bright, intense, fun … Bonus application as the announcement of new films from this studio.





Fresh from the famous film studio. This time a group of naturists women and girls, gathered fun evening outdoors. The street cool partiers had sometimes wrapped in warm clothes, but it did not dampen that warm atmosphere which prevailed among naturists that evening. Quality of the film is very good.





Several families naturists active and sports spend a day off. Outdoor games, where there are children and adults, are able to still enjoy a true family naturist holidays for their children. And, of course, after such outdoor activities – water treatment, the whole crowd … The film from the renowned studio of excellent quality.





Good and high quality film from the famous studio. Young naturist do aerobics led by experienced trainers.





A very high quality both in image and substance known film studio. Everyone knows that the adherents of naturism,
highly respected, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So in this movie, mom rented a gym, take with subsidiaries and enthusiastically engaged in self-improvement. Of course it’s more for the kids play and mischief, but at this age, and thus strengthens the body and a healthy mind. What could be better than to work towards improving and hardening of the body, when there is no hindering clothes and when you are in the circle of friends?! The film clearly promotes family naturism and healthy lifestyle.





Several families naturists have arranged themselves and their children an unforgettable weekend. Horseback riding, outdoor dining, games and simple communication. Qualitative and solar film.





Once it was quarried gravel, then underground springs did the trick. Lake in the old quarry naturist society attracted attention, and soon formed here an official naturist beach where you can sunbathe, play and socialize.





There are many movies that show life family naturism in separate rooms, but a real place where you can relax, enjoy the fresh air, to feel more free – this is nature! Film from the famous studio that promote family naturism family naturist holiday shows on one of the “green” holiday camps.





Vacation is generally considered to be the best time to make new friends and expand social circle. On this feast of the nature of many young people communicate, play, their naked bodies absorb the gentle rays of the sun and caressed by the gentle touch of the warm wind. Join them!





Untranslatable name. This film from the famous studio shows you how to play and fun way to spend a real physical education classes. After such an active vacation, when you can have some fun, be transformed, play a role, certainly a dream will be strong and improve health. A good example of what a family Naturism is beneficial not only for passive recreation, and with the active.





A small town in the Czech Republic welcomes the visitors – naturists. Representatives of women from girls to mature women staged a Women’s Day. Day full of all the events that occur during outdoor activities. Family Naturism in this film popularized in full. Film from the famous studio of very high quality.





Enough fresh film from the famous studio. In an excellent quality describes naturist family vacation in nature, where the center of entertainment and recreation for ordinary trampoline.





Monica had invited to his house of his best friends. How nice that they all share a love of naturism, which gives them the freedom to communicate and emancipation. Friendship, concord and good mood perfectly shown in this elm. High quality film from the famous studio.









The famous studio is very good and bright film about family gatherings naturists. Several families naturists gather to relax, socialize and play. Do not miss neither children nor adults, no complexes, no vulgarity, and there is a normal and healthy life. Additional Bowes – announcement of new films from the famous studio.





Several families naturists decided to spend the weekend in the pool. But except for water treatment was also a solarium and a good chat and a big, bubbling hot tub …





The famous studio films about naturism always please us qualitative and useful material. Family Naturism is available! In a large, clean sauna together prominent representatives naturist society. Rest, pampering, purity, good humor give the movie characters themselves and you.





For each girl, sooner or later the moment of parting with a carefree girl life when she gets married. It just so happened that the day before the wedding, grandiose Devishnik, here’s a look Devishnik offers famous studio. Naturist girl Devishnik invited to her friends, young and old, and this day will never be forgotten or when.





Several families naturists have gathered to spend a day on the sun and the green forest lawn. Everyone found something to do for both children and adults. Very high quality film from the famous studio.









Another good, good and quality film from the famous studio. No longer requires proof that martial arts, children nudists and naturists grow more developed morally and none of them are people with sexual deviations. If the child from the beginning of his life not focus on nudity, and touted it as taken for granted, the issues that arise in other children at puberty, fall off by themselves. In the film, kids playing, fun, and adults back to childhood themselves enthusiastically participate in contests.





As usual, very good quality very good film from the famous studio. Family Naturism in the pool, recreation, sports, communication, entertainment – all you need to have a great time … Individual bonus – a brief announcement of the most popular films from the famous studio.





In one of the country’s campgrounds for family naturism, adult arranged for a kids park in the open air.Skating on a makeshift hill, women’s soccer t, etc. Very high quality and hilarious movie.





Big company naturist resting at the camp. In short, all that is done in conventional textile clothing, shown here without it. People enjoy the sun, the natural environment and the interaction with peers.





Another masterpiece from the famous studio. In families and society naturists like to arrange various competitions for Sowie children. This time the contest is taking place near the pool and the pool itself. Happy with everything, no vanquished.











This fun group of naturists head of for a fun day of ten-pin bowling. They spend a pleasant afternoon bowling and enjoying lunch. There is lots of friendly banter as they talk about the game.









Naturist girls truly do yoga. Apparently, it’s really not a game, but the real lessons from this instructor. Film based on the rule can serve as a textbook for beginners.




Interesting and high quality film from the famous studio. Naturist, decided to have fun with music. Girls relax and socialize viewing this material can dream and have a good rest …






Classic documentary about nudism studio shot Naturist Freedom Czech nudists currently Children Afternoon talks about how local naturists, nude lifestyle fans, made a trip to the collective nature of the family on a hot summer day. Had a good time – sunbathed, played various sports games, held contests and competitions for young nudists as well as adults – cheerfulness and health guaranteed for a long time.





Large green meadow, a large warm sun, a strong desire to actively relax! Naturist family: father, mother and their children decided to have fun weekend. Camping, outdoor games and a hearty picnic – a great mood and healthy communication. What more does a man need to be happy!?





Even very good dacha, according to the film, about three acres so precisely. Honestly, to have fun with like-minded people of the naturist community, not necessarily be on the beach. Here, on a green meadow, hills and small plantations, members of the society as a naturist children and adults, feel just like a fish in water.Bright, enchanting film that just does not look boring.





Bright and cheerful film showing family naturism in nature. Excellent quality of the film, the title meets content.





Another masterpiece from the famous studio. Young mothers with their daughters decided to arrange a posh vacation in one of the spas. Family Naturism popularized very bright (lacking only husbands and fathers, but they are likely to get bored.) Did you know that the word “spa” (spa, spa treatments, etc.) comes from the small Belgian town, where in the 17th century were located balneolechebnitsa based on a large Number of springs. Only in the 20th century the word “spa” has acquired a broader meaning, encompassing the full range of treatments both water and aromatic. Some transcribe this word as “health through water” allegedly from the Latin sanus per aquam, which is not quite true, as in Latin, this phrase is written aquae vi sanus. Oh well, enjoy!








There comes a time when the Christian world prepares to meet bright celebrate Easter. Members of the Czech Society of naturists have not gone away, preparations are in full swing – painted eggs, studied literature and decorated rooms. Bright and saturated film. The only thing that I personally do not like it frankly – so it’s indoor smoking in front of children. And the smoke, both men and women.





The name of the film from the famous studio is responsible for itself. There is no place for men (they can have fun in another pension), here only women and girls naturist. Threw a chat with abundant feast and energetic dancing. Quality of the film is excellent.





Naturists in the sauna fun and for the benefit of the body spend time…





Party Czech naturists in the pool with water skiing, diving and other entertainments. The fun and excitement never stops at this fabulous pool party held in Poruba in the Czech Republic. The video starts out with a wonderful nude water skiing exhibition and moves on to water frivolity, games and total joy. The pool was packed with over 200 nudists from tiny tots to enthusiastic elders. Platform leaps into the pool, daring flips and flops, and poolside antics all combine to make this a nudist video classic.





Families Czech naturist swim in the pool.




A large group of members of the public took the family naturism good weather and headed out of town to relax, pay attention to children, socialize and just enjoy the direct contact with nature.




What could be better than enjoying the outdoors? Good weather, good mood, lots of like-minded friends … So nice to substitute her naked body warm rays of the sun and the breeze caressing! Several generations of family naturism society resting on a large green meadow near a large cottage. Games, contests, chat … Wonderful movie that promote family naturism.




Grand hen on a friend’s birthday. Naturist come off … Film of excellent quality from the famous studio for naturists.




Incendiary and musical film from the famous studio. Naturist family gathered in a large wooden cottage to “take off” in full. Kids, adults, all dancing till you drop …




Includes scenes from Europa Pool, Halloween Party, Christmas Jamboree, Families Across the Sea #1, and Regenarance Spa.




We are playing with Hoola Hoola loops, balls, skipping over ropes and swinging in hammock. Mothers are building tents for us. What nice and skilful mums.




Simply enchanting film from the famous studio. Big company naturist families came to rest on the lake. Did not come with empty hands, and lots of toys for both children and adults: inflatable balls, mats, trampolines, pools and much more. I think that everyone would like to make this a day of rest lasted as long as possible.




Big and musical film from the famous studio. Naturistok group gathered on the dance floor to dance and have fun … it is they clearly received.




Several families naturists have gathered for home gatherings. In addition to communication were also games for the younger generation, a feast and a lot more interesting. The film from the renowned studio of excellent quality.




Volleyball – probably the most favorite game among nudists and naturists. The game runs and communication is another beautiful day in the naturist community. Very high quality film from the famous studio.




Cool movie from the famous studio. Imagination of society family naturism no borders. At this time the costume (if drawings on the body can be called costumes) show was arranged on our little, tender and fluffy.




Bahnak – Holiday House, or rather camp in the outskirts of the Czech town Otkrovitse, famous large grassy meadows, clean air and organized recreation. In addition to swimming in the lake, offers hiking, cycling, excursions to neighboring towns with castles and museums. This time Bahnak completely dominated society naturists. Many families naturists come here to escape from the city and relax in the fresh air.




The girls made a disco….




Large and interesting lesson teaches oriental dance instructor experienced group naturistok. Bright and professionally displayed movement, try to repeat the dancers naturists libiteli …




Very good and bright film, popularizing family naturism. On one of the country have gathered a lot of camping naturist families, to the benefit of body and soul to spend time.




Boys and girls, young naturists with their parents fun and easy spending time in a sauna with a large swimming pool, and lots of fun …




This film from the famous studio sure will please the audience by its bright and very good quality. Family Naturism in nature decided to decorate thematically. At this time a large company naturists rested to the sound of Hawaiian motifs and other attributes of this exotic country.




Mysterious Camp, one of the new DVD movie studio Naturist Freedom. It’s quite bright and the new film about one of the campgrounds for family nudism. New faces, new stories and nature. Beautifully filmed and varied film.




Large clearing, sunny day and a great celebration of naturism. Naturist all ages dancing and having fun in the meadow, they garlands of flowers, they are cheerful and happy.




The large, tight-knit group of like-minded – naturists, large playroom, colorful toys and games, contests and pampering … The film is very good quality of the famous studio that promote family naturism.




Great for family naturist camping, a large tent city. Naturist family rest in the sun, enjoy the cool water of a small inflatable pool, play ball …




Studio Freedom organized a big celebration at the camp for naturists. First, there was a competition for young naturist miss, and then staged a competition for the adults pulling ropes separately for men and women, then there were relay races, sack races and much more. Cheerful, bright day! The quality is very good.




Yes, it is not only a rope, that’s for sure! In the latest film from the studio is well-known story of the young nudist families who spend their time well on the big meadow. Adults have tried to ensure that children have something fun – a few small pools, tents, lots of inflatable toys … After a rest, recuperation and health will remain a long time.

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